Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life of an Orthodox Birdhouse

Father's Day was this past Sunday and I was able to talk to my wife and daughter.
My daughter made me a birdhouse in class and it is blue and green (mostly). Be assured that it is the best birdhouse ever built. I think that the birdhouse will be a great addition to the garden my wife has growing on our patio (we need a house... I'm now accepting donations to the Buy Me a House Foundation).
This picture was taken with Instagram or some such thing.
This text is to inform you that, even though my wife took this picture herself, that she used Instagram to upload it to the internet... You know, copyright and all... No on second thought, I'm claiming the copyright for this picture, and the birdhouse. Come get me Instagram.

My daughter was so enthusiastic about the birdhouse, and it was really sweet. That right there made my whole deployment worth it.

From what I hear and read on Facebook, my daughter is getting really smart; she explained how petrification and lightning works, she understands most of what my wife and I tell her, and she is  great conversationalist - when she want to sit down long enough to talk. And she is only 3 years old. I am completely blown away by my daughter's intellect - which, given my intellect isn't that hard to do - she is just so freaking smart.
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