Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things I Look Forward to When I Return Home

What follows is a list of things that I really look forward to I go home in a few weeks. Explanations will follow what is listed.

1) Toilets that aren't clogged.
     It seems to me that almost every toilet over here is clogged, especially when you really need to go. For example let's say that there are ten toilets. Eight of them are clogged, one has no seat, and the "good" one is being used.

2) My own personal shower.
    I just don't like to use military showers. They are small and I'm always afraid I'm going to fall and land on the nasty floor. Also, the showers are often times broken or the heads only mist on you. I want a nice sized shower that I don't have to share (except for with my wife... (~_^)).

3) A larger bed.
    And one that is not on the top bunk. In fact, no bunks at all. I really do have a fear of rolling off my bunk in the middle of the night. I twitch (more like flail) in my sleep, so I think this fear is justified.

4) Trees.
     I think this one should be self explanatory. I'm in a freaking desert. Plus I love to see the leaves as they change colors.

5) My own personal living space.
    Granted, I will be living with my wife and daughter, but by God, my apartment is still a place where I can relax after a day of work.

6) Internet that is fast and not censored.
    The speeds here are not terrible, but it is frustrating when everybody is video chatting with their significant others back home and the internet slows to a crawl. As to the censored part... I'm not trying to go to naughty websites, but there are sometimes I click a link only to find out that the site is prohibited. Why, I don't know.

7)  Alcohol!
     Yeah, alcohol in any form is banned here (aside from religious services). I need a drink or twenty. Also, alcohol.

8) Friends.
    Granted, most of my friends are in the military, but as luck would have it, the majority of them are in Afghanistan. I just need a few nights I can chill with them whilst downing a pint.

9) My wife and daughter.
    I extremely miss my family. There are a few aspects that I miss about my wife, and yes, sex is one of them. Not going to lie or beat around the bush on that. But I don't just miss sex, I miss the close intimate touch. I miss her scent. I miss feeling her. I miss just being with her. Mostly I miss annoying her in person. I miss my daughter too. I miss being able to play with her and hear the really off the wall things that she comes up with. I miss being able to give her kiss-attacks, tickles, and hugs (the same applies to my wife too).

10) Church.
      I miss going to church. I really truly miss being able to sit through the Liturgy and hear Heaven on Earth. I miss the praying and the chanting. I miss the smell of the incense - the rising smoke of which symbolizes our prayers rising to Heaven. I miss the deeply rooted theological T(t)raditions that make up the Church and our services. I miss being able to commune with others who share the same faith as me - the faith that established the universe. I miss the icons, and the saints depicted therein reminding me that it is indeed possible for humans to be Christian in the literal sense that they are Christ like (the original meaning of Christian). Overall I miss how Christ centered the Church is, and I long to be back in my parish listening to the wailing of babes whilst the priest gives his homily.
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