Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Week Closer

My unit finally got a tentative date for when we should be flying back state side.Of course, for security reasons, I can not just come right out and post the date. Even if I could chances are that the date would change. What I can say is that I should be home for good by about late July. 

The unit that is replacing us has arrived in country and we have started working with them for their eventual take over of our mission. They have more soldiers than we do (that is just including those replacing us and not even the unit we are currently attached to). I would be surprised if they can't knock out jobs quicker than we do.

After the incoming unit completely takes charge my team should be on chillax status until we head home. I plan on taking a few courses via the Army to help myself out for prospective jobs when I get home. From what I have gathered, the job market is not much better back home.

I should be home in time to see my parish during their expansion. I'm actually excited about this expansion because I hope it means more room. There are plenty of Sundays where it is literally standing room only (yes, my parish actually has chairs arranged in rows... come to think of it, both parishes I have attended did). Also, I haven't actually been to any services of any type since I was home one R&R.

I honestly can not wait to get home. My daughter constantly asks me to come home when ever I talk to her over Google Talk (I know it seems like Google is slowly taking over the world, but I really thank God that Google has such things that I can use to contact home. Skype really is not reliable on my GNU/Linux machine, and Google Voice is free for me to use since I am in the military which means I can call my wife when she is not on Skype). My wife, I know, is going insane from having to deal with my daughter with out me there to help her, and yes, I really do want to get home so I can help my wife.

Overall this has been a decent deployment. I don't know if I would ever describe a deployment as great, but this one wasn't so bad, military bs aside.

I guess that's all I have for now. I might be updating more as time presents itself.

Also, I love my wife.
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