Monday, November 14, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election

Oh boy. Another political post! I felt that this election was a bit of importance and that I wanted to just compile my thoughts into a publicly open format, because the internet is great at feeding narcissism.
 First, I want to say congratulations to President-elect Trump! Hooray, America thought that you were a lesser evil than Hillary Clinton! I did not support you (or any other candidate) this election, but I sincerely hope that you can keep some of those promises that you made while you were campaigning.

As to the Democrats and liberals who are acting like damned fools, what the hell are you doing? Is this really what we've become? Are we now ginormous babies because we didn't get our way? Are we really throwing fits because the media darling Hilary Clinton didn't win? I'm sorry that you missed the memo on the corruption that flowed like a river from Hillary, but I honestly don't know how you could have missed that since it was all over my newsfeed on Facebook. And now it's cries of how she won the popular vote (which we don't even know how true that is since many news sites stopped reporting on the election before all of the votes came in*) so she should be the POTUS? Um, since when? The President of the United States has never been determined by the popular vote, but by the Electoral College.

The Electoral College exists to keep states with larger populations from having too much say over the rest of the country. That this is undemocratic is kind of the point since we do not live in a democracy! We live in a representative republic, meaning we elect representatives to represent us in the government. The founding fathers did not want a rule by the majority, or mob rule, because it keeps people's voices from being heard. Having the Electoral College helps things to be on more equal grounds (not completely equal, but more equal). This is not an antiquated system, but a fair system. California, Illinois, and New York do not represent my interests so why should they be able to win elections just because they have the majority of the population? According to the election map, southern California doesn't represent the rest of California, nor does Chicago represent the rest of Illinois. It seems ludicrous that those states should always end up determining who becomes the president (usually they do anyway because they have more electoral votes than many other states). 

Where were you people when Bernie Sanders had the nomination ripped from his hands because of corruption in the DNC?

Also, to the poor people crying about how hate has won and love has lost. What? Oh, right, Donald Trump is a bigot, and a racist, and a sexist, and a lot of other ists. But wait, where is the proof? There is none. But Donald said all Mexicans are criminals! No, Donald said that many of the illegal aliens coming from Mexico have been deported before because of violent crimes - which is true - but he categorically did not say all Mexicans (or Mexican immigrants) are criminals. And guess what? If a Mexican illegally enters this country they are a criminal, not because they are Mexican, but because they are breaking American law which by definition makes them a criminal! But Donald said he was going to ban all the Muslims from entering the country! No, he said to temporarily stop the flow of migrants coming from Syria because Daesh is using our poor vetting system against us until we can somehow make sure that those who are fleeing from the situation (that we helped cause) in Syria are not terrorists. But Donald hates women because reasons! I guess that's why those who came against him with sexual harassment/assault claims later retracted those statements, or why we now have the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign since Trump won, or why Donald Trump employs more women and minorities than many other businesses (as was testified by a black female employee of Donald Trump)?

But let us take a look at Hillary. According to her leaked emails, she had some choice nicknames for minority voters, such as "taco bowls" for Mexican voters. She made the claim that if a woman cries rape then that woman should be believed, and yet when women claim that her husband, former POTUS Bill Clinton, has raped them she quietly makes those accusations go away. And she also knowingly kept classified information on an unclassified private server. I find it odd that it took the FBI months to comb through over 30,000 emails, but only days to comb through an additional 650,000 emails. I also find it odd that with what can be found on Wikileaks is apparently not enough to charge her, and that for some reason people are trying to make the story about who hacked her emails instead of the fact that she had classified emails on a private server - which if the emails hadn't have been there in the first place there would be no need to worry about the hack!

Now let us take a look at that word that is thrown around so much towards Trump and his supporters - bigot. What does that word even mean? According to Google, a bigot is "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions." Well, that doesn't seem like Trump at all. Not really when you actually take a look at what he has said as opposed to what the media makes him say. But it does seem like Hillary supporters who are rioting in the streets and making snide remarks about Trump and his supporters. The people who are making false claims about being attacked so Trump supporters seem like evil people - yes, bigots. Those people who are wondering what to tell their children because Trump won - yes, bigots. Those people who are screaming against white Christian males - yes, bigots. They are in the same boat as members of the KKK and the Black Panthers. Why are they bigots? Because they are intolerant to the rest of America that voted for Trump, they are intolerant towards those holding different opinions to the point that they beat people having a Trump bumper sticker and kick their own children out of their homes for voting for Trump at a mock election (not made up like the Muslim woman who claimed her hijab was stolen, or like the gay man who was supposedly beaten by Trump supporters).

Are some Trump supporters bigots and racists? Yes! The KKK endorsed Trump, and there are plenty of other people who are bigots that voted for Trump, but that does not mean that all Trump supporters are bigots and racists. It seems that the scales of bigotry are leaning towards the Democrats in this post-election climate as they are the ones rioting and screaming against their opposition like the opposition stole their binkies. 

And I'm not saying this to be mean, but these people are so upset over losing that they have made a map that portrays the typical Blue States as America and the typical Red States as "Dumbfuckistan".

And the problem with the map is that some of those Red States voted Blue (such as Nevada and Virginia) and some of those Blue States voted Red (such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). But these Democrats are so angry and so upset over losing that they don't care to make an accurate map of the current election, they would rather label everybody who doesn't think like they do as "dumb fucks" even though some of those people did think like them. How is that tolerant? How is that not bigoted? 

If the Republicans were acting this way I would be calling them out just the same. And I am calling out the ones who are being bigoted towards the liberals. I've seen other reports from social media of supposed things like balled up pieces of  saying along the lines of "You Niggers need to leave" and other deplorable things. Unfortunately, there is no way to actually verify if these are being left by Trump supporters, but if they are then this needs to stop and never should have happened. It truly is despicable and detestable to act that way when so many Democrats who believed the false rhetoric the media put out there about Trump are scared and unsure of what the future holds. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for grown adults. We are showing the world that we are nothing more than crybabies and bullies with big sticks who will scream and shout at our opposition until we get our way - and if we win we play to the fears of others. Is that really how we want to portray ourselves when the world already doesn't hold us in a very favorable light?

How about we both come together and show each other that we can work together and Hope to Change America into a Great country Again. One that can overcome our differences and put aside our arguments and do what is best for ourselves and our country.

I'm no fan of Donald Trump, really, I'm not. I don't like him because he seems to only tell people what they want to hear. When he started campaigning he was pro-abortion, but then switched his stance when it seemed that he wasn't getting the votes from the Christian Right. He is crass, and he is so very rude. He does not seem like a statesman in the least, which is why he was so appealing to many people - he did not come off as a typical politician. Time will tell whether he will keep his campaign promises.

But already things do seem to be turning around for our country; Russia and Syria have expressed an interest in working with the US to end the threat of Daesh, Mexico and Canada seem willing to renegotiate trade deals, and the DOW closed at an all-time high. All of these things happened only after Trump was announced the winner. I can't say that I think the same would have happened had Hillary been elected.

From an Orthodox Christian point of view, having good relations with Russia and Syria is a great thing, and I am truly excited about this result of the election, even if I find the President-elect less than desirable. I'm also excited to hear that Trump's newly announced Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, is an Orthodox Christian. Hopefully, these things will help to put Orthodoxy into more of a spotlight in this country.

*Seriously, CNNPolitico, and USA Today all list different numbers for the popular vote and CNN and Politico both show that some states' election results are not completely in yet - and yet Politico lists many states as either 100% in or in the high 90's but Hillary and Trump both have lower numbers than posted on CNN which still has some states' election results in the 70s and 80s percentages. USA Today lists higher numbers for both candidates than either CNN or Politico, and shows most states as being in the high 90s or 100% with a few being in the high 80s. CBS lists Trump as only having 289 electoral votes despite everybody else saying he has 290. 
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