Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Rule of Saint Benedict: Chapter 26

After this chapter we only have one more that technically deals with excommunication. This chapter covers the unauthorized association with those who have been excommunicated.


  1. If a brother, acting without an order from the abbot, presumes to associate in any way with an excommunicated brother, to converse with him or to send him a message,
  2. he should receive a like punishment of excommunication.

Sometimes I think the military stole their training doctrine directly from the Rule. This chapter reminds me of all of those times that a soldier was being "smoked" as we called it (worked out so hard smoke came off his body) and if we looked in that direction, smirked, or otherwise paid attention to what was going on, we were given the same treatment.

Why? What's the reason? Well, one reason is that we have ourselves to worry about, and we are to listen to our superiors overall. In the same way a monk is to listen to the abbot. The abbot is the abbot because he knows what he is doing, and he should know what is best for the spiritual growth for those under his care. Honestly, sometimes we need to just mind our own business.
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