Monday, March 14, 2016

Benedict of Nursia

This Saint, whose name means "blessed," was born in 480 in Nursia, a small town about seventy miles northeast of Rome. He struggled in asceticism from his youth in deserted regions, where his example drew many who desired to emulate him. Hence, he ascended Mount Cassino in Campania and built a monastery there. The Rule that he gave his monks, which was inspired by the writings of Saint John Cassian, Saint Basil the Great, and other Fathers, became a pattern for monasticism in the West; because of this, he is often called the first teacher of monks in the West. He reposed in 547.

As it is the feast day of Saint Benedict I have decided to continue on with posting the Chapters from his Rule.

Today is also the start to Great Lent, and I am staying off of social media for the most part; I will post things from external sites, such as this blog and other such things like maybe my Instagram pictures, and possibly those pictures one can make in the Bible app. But, actually being on Facebook, G+, Twitter, Reddit, and whatever else, will not be happening until after Pascha. That means you guys can troll all of my posts and I won't respond until after Pascha!

I truly hope that you all will have a very blessed Lenten journey.

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