Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Rule of Saint Benedict: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
The Celebration of Vigils on Sunday

On Sunday the monks should arise earlier for Vigils.

In these Vigils, too, there must be moderation in quantity: first, as we have already indicated, six psalms are said, followed by a versicle. Then the monks, seated on the benches and arranged in their proper order, listen to four readings from the book. After each reading a responsory is sung,

But "Glory be to the Father" is added to only to the fourth. When the cantor begins it, all immediately rise in reverence.

After these readings the same order is repeated: six more psalms with refrain as before, a versicle,

Then four more readings and their responsories, as above.

Next, three canticles from the Prophets, chosen by the abbot, are said with an "alleluia" refrain.

After a versicle and the abbot's blessing, four New Testament readings follow with their responsories, as above.

After the fourth responsory, the abbot begins the hymn "We praise you, God."

When that is finished, he reads from the Gospels while all the monks stand with respect and awe.

At the conclusion of the Gospel reading, all reply " Amen, " and immediately the abbot intones the hymn " To you be praise. " After a final blessing, Lauds begin.

This arrangement for Sunday Vigils should be followed at all times, summer and winter,

unless - God forbid - the monks happen to arise too late. In that case, the readings or responsories will have to be shortened.

Let special care be taken that this not happen, but if it does, the monk at fault is to make due satisfaction to God in the oratory.

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