Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Rule of Saint Benedict: Chapter 10

This is another short chapter that details how summer Vigils should be kept.

Chapter 10

The Arrangement of the Night Office in Summer

From Easter until the first of November, the winter arrangement for the number of psalms is followed.

But because summer nights are shorter, the readings from the book are omitted. In place of the three readings, one from the Old Testament is substituted. This is to be recited by heart, followed by a shirt responsory.

In everything else, the winter arrangement for Vigils is kept. Thus, winter and summer, there are never fewer than twelve psalms at Vigils, not counting Psalms 3 and 94.


This was obviously written before such a thing as day light savings, but it still applies today. There aren't as many hours in the summer nights as there are in the winter nights.

We at home, however, can still keep the winter hours or summer hours because time doesn't necessarily follow the sun like it did in days past. I would recommend talking work your priest/spiritual father to find out what would be the best course of action for your prayer life.
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