Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Did Jesus Ever Really Exist?

I used to be of the opinion that for really far-out whacky stuff, you couldn’t beat Jerry Springer. You all know Jerry Springer—he was the showman who began a talk show in 1991 which within a few years became something of a voyeuristic freak-show, featuring topics like “Teenage Girls who Marry their Grandfathers,” a kind of real-life version of the Muppets’ song “I Am My Own Grandpa.” It has spawned a host of other talk-shows, all of which feature the same sort of sensationalistic format. For the longest time, I thought that Jerry couldn’t be beat for the unbelievably way-out.
Turns out that we have a new winner: has published an article entitled, “5 reasons to suspect that Jesus never existed,” by Valerie Tarico. None of the stuff is the least bit new; there have always been the theological equivalent of Flat-earthers, or of people who claim to have been probed by big-eyed aliens aboard the mother-ship. But since the internet gives a platform to such people, some kind of response must be offered, lest the credulous among the internet community imagine that the Church has been struck terrified and mute by the 5 reasons offered by Ms. Tarico. Her 5 reasons to suspect that Jesus never existed may be examined one at a time.

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