Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life of an Orthodox MP

No, I am not using MP to refer to the Moscow Patriarchate, as is the norm in Orthodoxy.

I have been transferred back to my old unit which is a Military Police unit, and that means that my Primary Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) has reverted back to that of Military Police. I have no clue as to why I was transferred back as my old unit is over strength - they weren't even expecting me, or any of the others who came back with me, to return.

Now, I have no problem returning to the MP Corps as I originally joined the military as an MP, my first deployment was as an MP, and my journey to Orthodoxy started while I was still an MP. Also, it seems to me that a more combat oriented MOS makes more sense and works easier than an MOS that is purely support.

That is not to say that I glory in combat; quite the opposite in fact - I thank God every day that I never had to see any kind of combat either time I was deployed. It just seems that teamwork and a clearly defined hierarchy is a core element of those combat oriented MOS's, and to me that is what the Army needs. 

And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the Signal Corps at all - the Signal Corps is a very integral branch of the Army - it just doesn't fit me like the MP Corps does. I am thankful for my two years spent in Signal and I will always love the guys I deployed with.

Unfortunately we forgot that guy was on top when we drove off.

What are we staring at?
Monster Energy Drinks - Destroying Soldier's Kidneys since 2012
It does feel good to be getting back to my roots, though. I have missed being an MP. I was and still am proud to be an MP, it truly is a job that I enjoy. Again, I enjoyed Signal, I learned a lot about myself when I went Signal, but I will always be an MP.

Yes, marching down Main Street ultimately lead me to the below pic.
I credit the pride I have being an MP in what led me to search out traditional and honorable things, things such as doing military funerals and other honor guard type things. And from that came my love for all things traditional. And that eventually led me to Orthodoxy. So, obviously the MP Corps is always going to hold a special place in my heart.
And this lead to that one down there.

And this lead to this blog.

Signal will still be dear to me - I mean I spent two years doing Signal and that's not just going to leave me, especially after all the good times we had. Those Signal guys know how to soldier, never forget that. So, to all of my Signal buddies I bid you all adieu.

Screaming Squirrels, Hooah!

To all my MP's... I'm back.
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