Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick


"Our father among the saints Patrick of Ireland, Bishop of Armagh and Enlightener of Ireland, was born a Briton. Captured and brought to Ireland as a slave, he escaped and returned home. Later, he returned to Ireland, bringing Christianity to its people. His feast day is March 17." (

I hope you all have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day! I know that in the US this is a day of Irish (and Celtic) pride and I really can understand that as St. Patrick was a slave and many of the Irish settlers were treated like slaves in the mid 1800's to the early 1900's during the Potato Famine, but I would ask all of my readers to stop and actually contemplate the life of St. Patrick today.

Oh, and St. Patrick was not a Protestant! He lived over one thousand years before the Protestant Reformation! He even lived before the Great Schism so he is a saint in both the Orthodox and the Roman churches (I believe that he may even be a saint in the Anglican Church). Nor was he a proto-protestant or anything resembling such. St. Patrick went to Ireland as a bishop of the Church to do missionary work for the Church, of which there was only one until 451 (the year of the Council of Chalcedon when there was a schism which caused there to be the Oriental Orthodox and the Eastern Orthodox), ten years before St. Patrick's death.

Any way, that is all I have for today, and again have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!
Erin Go Bragh!

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