Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lent While Deployed Wk 2

Ok, so week two of Lent has come and gone. I must say that I did much better this week than I did last week, but I'm trying to not let that go to my head as I still have a long way to go.

This week was a little harder for me as i received a few care packages from my mother's school and my inlaws so I had to give a lot of the snacks and stuff away to my battle buddies. I usually share what I get any way, but it was much more saddening for me when I have to give cheese crackers and other small things like that away because of how hungry I am.

I have become slightly irritable due to my hunger, but I am trying to overcome that by taking time to respond to situations and making sure that I have a clear head before just biting somebody's head off. If I have offended any one this week due to my irritability I apologize profusely. Also, to make my irritability even worse, I accidently dropped my tablet last night and cracked the screen pretty good... *sigh*

Naturally my fasting has become a topic of discussion every now and then when one of my buddies offers me some food and I turn it down (pizza, I miss you). Most of my friends didn't know what Lent was and those that did know what Lent was knew of the Roman Catholic version.

Overall, it has been quite frustrating when I walk into the chow hall to eat and there is nothing fast friendly there. Sometimes not even the salad. But I continue to struggle through it and I try not to feel prideful about doing well during this Lent season.

Ok, so enough about Lent, lets move on to work.

I had a little fun this week just doing my job, the civilians that we work with are generally great guys to work with always telling jokes and picking on each other. These guys are great and always willing to help us out when we don't understand something.

On the down side, I found out that we are staying here in Kuwait a bit longer than we expected. So right now I'm stressing a little bit that I am going to miss my anniversary, and I don't even have a plausible date for when I should be home again. Oh well.

I guess that all for now. I'll try to update again next week if I am able, or if I haven't eaten my tablet by then.
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