Tuesday, February 24, 2015

About These Ads

A few of you may have noticed that I now have ads on my blog. A few of you who have been here from the start of this blog may have noticed that I have ads on my blog again.

The reason these ads are here is to help generate revenue for my business, and for my family. The business is not my own, but I am the marketing director/website administrator/what ever else the CEO needs me to be (it is a non-profit). We don't make much money, being a non-profit and all, but any money I can help them generate helps my family (because then they can afford to pay me a little bit better).

These ads are here to help me, in especially hard times. Right now I am bouncing around from paying job to paying job. There happens to be a lot of down time right now in between jobs. It really sucks, not going to lie. But even after I am out of hard times these ads will stay right where they are (on the left and two at the bottom) to help Summit International (no link here, check up above). 

If this blog can generate enough traffic, then my account sees more money. Now, I would never ask any of my readers to click on these ads (because it's against the rules), but I would ask that if you genuinely like the content of my blog to please share it with your friends. Not for the revenue, but because I like to get comments from people I don't even know. I like getting feedback on what I am doing right, and what I am doing wrong. 

Back to the ads, I hope that these ads are text only. They are supposed to be text only, to help not detract from the rest of the blog and your reading experience. If you notice any ad that is more than text please let me know so I can work on fixing it. You can comment on this post, or shoot me an email; heck, follow me on Google+, or Facebook and let me know there. 

If you don't see the ads, it is possible that you have an ad blocker of some sort turned on. I am not going to ask you to turn it off, or to let it show ads for my site. I hate seeing ads as I go through the internet, but I understand that is how many people make money, which is why I have an ad blocker (so I don't get annoyed). For that reason I would never ask someone else to turn off their ad blocking stuff just so I can make a buck.

So I hope that the ads don't draw you away. I hope that all 11 of my followers keep coming back to enjoy the insane ramblings of a hyperdox white boy who is only trying to convert the whole of the evil heterodox.
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