Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update from AJ

I have been at Camp Arifjan since Saturday with three of my platoon mates so we can take some classes.
When we first arrived we had to help get our black boxes through Customs and then find a room to stay in for the next two weeks.

The thing about AJ is that while they do have some nicer amenities the housing situation really sucks. Imagine an open room nice, spacious, empty. Now imagine that room filled with little cubicles, 15 down each side and some down the middle. Each cubicle has one bunk bed, making two beds, and two lockers. That is what I am staying in. I end up having more roommates than I did at Camp Buehring, but it is much quieter.

One major downside is that I have to be very quiet when I call my wife as everybody is on a different schedule. For instance I have class in the evening so by the time I get back most everybody else is sleeping, and of course the lights are off so my wife can only see the glare of my laptop screen in my glasses. But, hey at least I can still call home on a regular basis which is more than any previous war could boast so I'm not complaining (well not for my end any way, the wife's end is another story).

My class is going good so far, only two days in, but I still feel like I'm grasping what is being taught. It's kind of funny though, I'm taking Network + and my instructor seriously sounds like I called Dell Tech Support and got "Steve" from "Ohio." He's a great guy and he is very knowledgeable, plus he loves Linux so he gets a gold star from me.

On another note; I had to call home last night to talk to my daughter. Apparently she cried through the night for me and had fallen asleep 5 minutes before I woke up and logged on. So I called her after I got out of class and of course now she doesn't want to talk to me and is throwing a huge fit any time I try to talk to her. Mommy says a few magic words and suddenly my daughter is all giggles and non-stop talking. We had a good talk, but then they both had to go to some appointment. Later though my daughter commandeered my wife's phone and pleaded with me to get her some kind of freaking pet, also we have to go to the beach as long as we can cover mommy in sand, but not too much because she might die.

I really can't wait for the beach on that one.
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