Sunday, June 17, 2012

Update from AJ Remix

I've been in class for a week now and I'm actually understanding the course material.
And then Friday we get to a part that I am some what excited about because all these cool tricks we are about to learn I am some what familiar with and I know I wont have to download any new software to try them out because Linux is just awesome like that. And just as we touch the tip of the iceberg the power goes out because the generators ran out of gas. So we got out of class early, despite which I still managed to stay up until 0500.

Saturday I did a lot of nothing, no, wait, I did laundry. I just chilled on my bunk for the majority of the day and then last night I got the bright idea to upgrade my OS to the next version. The next version for me was Ubuntu 10.10. I still have to get to 11.04 before I can get to 12.04 (the latest version) and with luck I 'll be there by Wednesday. I'm actually excited that before the week is out I'll be able to use Unity which is Ubuntu's desktop manager. Any way, I set my computer to upgrade during the night, and 12 hours later I am upgraded and not experiencing any problems so far.

That brings us to today. Again, not doing much, though I did go to the PX earlier for some snacks and I think I'm going to go catch a movie later tonight. Oh, and start the upgrade to to 11.04 which will hopefully be done by the time I wake up in the morning (or close to it). Also, another week close to going home! Yeah! I should be there sometime mid July, with definite dates when I get to Ft. Dix sometime next month.

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday, and happy Father's Day!
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