Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life of an Orthodox Super Hero

So, I was talking to my wife the day after I posted last weeks entry concerning why my daughter loves me.

The Polka Dot is my favorite...

Yep, my daughter loves me because I am a super hero. My only question is do I get a cape?

This of course now raises the bar for me... My daughter at three years of age thinks me a super hero - what can I do to help her keep this image of me? Or do I let her know that I am just a regular human so when I fail it doesn't break her heart?

Perhaps I should just take it one day at a time being the best daddy I can be?

On another note; Ryvre went to her first baseball game with my wife and one of our friends. I wish I could have been there, since that seems like it would clearly fall into "Daddy" territory, even though I don't much care for watching sports. But she had fun and did very well with no meltdowns. She was even able to make it through all of the Liturgy this past Sunday with no meltdowns which almost never happens.

I can hardly wait to get back home and see what surprises my daughter has for in store for me. And I hope that I get more time to spend with her. One draw back to military service is the time it takes away from your family, even for us Weekend Warriors during our AT's and deployments.
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