Friday, November 18, 2011

Kuwait Again, Again

So, I am back in Kuwait again... Again.
This time it promises to be more fun (funner?) as I actually have work to do here this time around. And, no, I do not know how long I will be staying here or if I will make my way to Afghanistan.

In all honesty Kuwait is not that bad compared to what Iraq is now with the withdrawal of troops. Since all the troops are leaving Iraq many of the amenities are also on their way out - such as internet (in some places), flights out (in some places), little stores to buy useless stuff, fast food places - those places are still strong here in Kuwait since this is where all the soldiers enter and exit the theater (we have some of those too). Heck, even permanent party soldiers get to wear civilian clothing around base!

The down side, all the soldiers are exiting Iraq and coming straight to Kuwait (by the way this is not some secure information that I am releasing, this is well known and easily attainable knowledge). There are so many people here that it makes living arrangements difficult to... well... arrange. Also, due to the high number of people the internet loves to lag (no WOW it is the end of the World... of ... well you see where that one is going). But it is all good because even though I am living in a tent I am still sleeping on a bed and not a cot (my back is gracious, very gracious).

Now I know that past wars have not had it nearly as well off as we have had here, and trust me, I am not complaining about anything, except for maybe all of the soldiers around because that means more brass (officers) and Sergeants Major walking around with nothing to do but yell at soldiers to tuck in their shirts who are about to go to bed and popped out for their nightly ablutions. I'm sorry but that is one thing that I cannot stand! I'm sure you can find something better to do than harass soldiers in a combat zone - you're a leader, go lead or something.

Off my soap box now, I'm doing pretty good - I got my stuff situated here and I am none the worse for wear minus spraining my ankle when I was loading a freaking Blackhawk (I don't want to talk about it). I went to the TMC (troop medical clinic) today just to get the dang thing documented and came out with a two week no PT profile and a work restriction of no prolong standing or lifting. I don't know how I manged that as I told everybody that my ankle was much better and just looked nasty due to the bruising, but if their going to give them I going to take them. Also, I got a freaking x-ray on my sprained ankle... really? This after the doctor (excuse me, PA) determined that my ankle was stable and I probably did not need the x-ray any way... Well, at least if my foot falls off I can show where its the army's fault (or at least a certain battalion) for not getting us a Chinook like we requested but gave us two Blackhawks for X amount of people and all of their gear (had it been a Chinook we could have put our stuff on pallets thus saving us the need of walking on gravel to my ankles doom to load a Blackhawk). But I have meds now and freaking TIGER BALM MADE FROM REAL TIGERS!!!

Any way, I'm good.
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