Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going On Two Months

So, I have been in Iraq now for almost two months.
Two months and two duty stations, and some time after the second month starts I will be moving to a third duty station; location currently unknown.

I am having a pretty good time over here; it's not too stressful but it's not all relaxing. Most days we go out and work, but there are a few days where our equipment breaks and we have to wait a day or two to get it fixed.

We have a few hours of down time every day, most of which I spend melting my brain whilst surfing the net. Our only actual down day (not off day since we still may have to go to work) is Sunday - I try to do a Reader's Matins and the Typica on those days but nothing can take the place of really going to church.

Most mornings I am able to talk to my wife via Skype before I go to work - as I am getting out of bed she is getting into bed. It's still nice to have that opportunity over here; I know of a few people in my unit who are elsewhere and they do not even have a chow hall or a PX (post exchange - a military store - for you civilian types) where they are.

Currently I am trying to think of an interesting topic to blog about, but so far I don't really have any ideas, let alone the energy to put towards something like that right now. If anybody has any ideas please feel free to let me know.

Over all life is decent here, in Iraq. I really do miss my wife and my precious little daughter (though she has grown quite a lot!). I hope that every back home is well and stays safe!

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