Thursday, August 18, 2011


A FRAGO is an acronym that means Fragmentary Order; it is used to change an existing order.

I have been given a few FRAGO's concerning my mission, it seems that the unit we will be falling under can not decide on what mission they want us to do or where they want to send us. Obviously I can not tell you much more than that - I am however trying to keep you guys updated like I promised.

Currently I am enjoying a four day pass with my wife (thanks to my mother for helping out financially). We are chilling in El Paso and having some fun. So far we have gone to the zoo and we plan on going hiking sometime soon (with out body armor added means more fun for me). So far life is good.

As for my training, well lets just say that I could call myself what others are calling "Combat Signal." My training is over as of this week, and now we are waiting for word to when we will be boarding the plane to jump the pond and land in the sand box. I do not know how soon after landing that I will have internet, so please bear with me until I can update again.

Spiritually I am doing fine, although I could be doing better. I have not had the opportunity to go to church since Orthodox chaplains are few and far between, and I am not going to try to bother my company with trying to find one for me. I think I will contact the Saint George Orthodox Military Association when I get overseas so I can at least attend church and partake of the Eucharist.

Overall I am doing pretty good, even better now that I can spend some time with my wife. Thank you all for your prayers thus far, I really do appreciate them. Hopefully I will be updating next when I am overseas.
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